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How a ‘landscape approach’ can help mobilise climate finance towards vulnerable groups and ecosystems

Our evaluation of the Dutch Fund for Climate and Development found that their framework offers an innovative solution to the...


Upcoming webinar! Delivering inclusive finance

Proven approaches to delivering inclusive finance: Key lessons from two large-scale financial inclusion initiatives


Adapting to changing objectives in M&E: Lessons from measuring work

As M&E practitioners, we’ve seen it happen many times. Learning and accountability objectives change during the course of a...


Why human-centered design (HCD) doesn’t always work for international development

A critical look at the use of HCD and what types of problems and organizations are best and worst suited for this method


What works in human-centered design in international development

The Savings Learning Lab have published a review of human-centered design (HCD) and how it is applied in international...


SEEP 2020 Conference: What I learnt about digital Savings Groups

SEEP 2020 was my first virtual conference. While I participated in countless webinars and online discussions, this five-day...


Maintaining a critical link to last-mile customers: Challenges and opportunities facing financial service agents during COVID-19

Agents are a critical last-mile link to financial services for lower-income households and micro- and small enterprises,...


Itad at SEEP 2020: Disruptive collaboration

Join us for the SEEP Annual Conference, which will be taking place entirely online this year. The 2020 conference theme is...


Webinar to share insights on savings and retail banking in Africa

An upcoming webinar, taking place on 11 August and hosted by the SEEP Network and the Mastercard Savings Learning Lab, will...


Virtual Innovation Challenge: Driving inclusive and resilient savings groups

The SEEP Network, with support from the Savings Learning Lab, is hosting a virtual Innovation Challenge on 29 July.

evidence during covid 19

Continuing results in development:
the importance of evidence during COVID-19

The COVID-19 (C19) pandemic has had profound effects on lives around the world and will continue to do so for years, if not...


Eyes on a prize for climate information services

The UK Aid-funded Ideas to Impact programme, which is managed by an IMC Worldwide-led consortium, has just launched our...


Lessons from an ex-post evaluation – and why we should do more of them

Even as evaluation specialists, rarely do we get the chance to carry out ex-post evaluations. We recently carried out an...


Youth Financial Inclusion: What we’re missing & how can we serve them better

Our ‘Savings for youth: a review of evidence’ report took a sub-set of 44 studies within the Savings Evidence Map...


Final Evaluation of DFID’s FoodTrade East and Southern Africa Programme

With the conclusion of Itad’s five-year longitudinal evaluation of the UK Department for International Development (DFID)...


New lessons from Mastercard Foundation Savings Learning Lab partners

Partners from the Mastercard Foundation Savings Learning Lab have recently shared lessons from their work in financial...