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Our values

Our values influence all of our work and the way we run our organisation. They shape our decision-making, inform our policies and procedures, and are the foundation of our company culture.

Making a difference

We believe in the power of evidence to drive positive change and are committed to providing insights for a more equitable and sustainable world.

Read more about the impacts of our work

Equality and inclusiveness

We believe everyone should be treated fairly and have the same rights and opportunities.

We actively promote equality, diversity and inclusion to empower people within our organisation and in the countries where we work. Read our Equalities Policy, find out more about our approach to equitable partnerships, or browse our projects on gender and social inclusion.

Technical excellence and innovation

We strive for technical excellence that meets the highest professional and ethical standards.

We are an active member and adhere to the professional standards of the UK, European, American and International Development evaluation associations. We are also a partner in the Centre for Development Impact which contributes to learning and innovation in the field of evaluation. We continually seek to improve by reflecting systematically and with humility on the quality of our work, and have operationalised routine processes such as ‘end-of-project learning reviews’ to support this. Our commitment to excellence has been recognised by various awards including from UNICEF and the Norwegian Evaluation Association.

Collaboration and learning

We believe that collaboration and constant learning are key to progressive change.

We work closely with our staff, partners, clients and the wider international development and humanitarian community to foster a culture of learning and proactively generate and share knowledge and skills. Learning activities are embedded in our projects and operations, and are supported by our dedicated in-house knowledge team.

Environmental action

We take action to improve our environmental impact and support our partners to do the same.

We pursue green strategies throughout all our operations, and we work with partners globally to help them address and respond to the effects of climate change. Read more about our action on climate change

Personal development

We are committed to fostering our personal and professional development, working together within a supportive environment that promotes wellbeing.

We offer a vast range of opportunities for staff at all stages in their career to learn and grow, including in-house and external courses, coaching and apprenticeships.