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New paper on African investments: The limits of job creation and social metrics

Metrics are useful, and the widespread use of standardised metrics and ratings have been helpful over the years. Still, many...


Beyond venture capital: Being purposeful about investing in Ghana

Our new paper on African investments offers insights into improving social benefits: it can be achieved but requires...


Savings in Sub-Saharan Africa: Access, Policies and Priorities

Saving hasn't kept up with access in the growth of financial inclusion. A new report sets out to understand trends in savings...


Blended finance & addressing the evidence gap – Reflections from an OECD workshop

Earlier this week I was at an OECD workshop hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Webinar: Navigating the Evidence on Savings-Focused Financial Inclusion

The official launch of the Savings Evidence Map took place in October 2018, with an interactive demonstration on how to access...


Itad’s Impact Strategy Audit of Nesta Impact Investments: What value did it offer for Nesta and the impact investing industry, and what next?

Itad conducted an Impact Strategy Audit of Nesta Impact Investments between October 2017 and January 2018 and we believe this...


Learning about learning. Wait! What?

I’ve been spending the last couple of weeks thinking about Learning Partnerships, what they are, what they can offer and how...


What do we mean by client empowerment in financial inclusion and how do we do it?

At the 2017 SEEP Annual Conference, I had the pleasure to facilitate a session with colleagues from the Mastercard Foundation...


Learning from Financial Diaries

I was recently invited to a workshop on Financial Diaries (FDs), involving financial inclusion (FI) practitioners and experts...