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What works in human-centered design in international development

The Savings Learning Lab have published a review of human-centered design (HCD) and how it is applied in international development. The paper takes a critical look at the application of the HCD process across multiple sectors in international development to understand what works and how HCD could lead to better outcomes.


human-centred design report coverThe paper, which was written by Rathi Mani-Kandt, Senior Human-Centred Design Specialist, and James Robinson at Itad, is aimed at implementing organisations that use and promote HCD methods in their programs, as well as funders who invest in the application of HCD in development. The authors outline what organisations need to consider when establishing HCD projects and what the challenges might be.

HCD is a creative problem-solving approach that puts the customer or beneficiary at the centre, with the objective of getting beyond the assumptions that prevent effective solutions. It is one of a variety of innovative techniques, methods and mindsets that have emerged in design practices in the private sector.