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Itad at SEEP 2020: Disruptive collaboration

Join us for the SEEP Annual Conference, which will be taking place entirely online this year. The 2020 conference theme is ‘Disruptive Collaboration: navigating a radically uncertain world’. We’ll be sharing some of our work with the Mastercard Savings Learning Lab.


The conference aims to bring together practitioners from around the world engaged in collaborative and pragmatic learning to push the frontiers of inclusive development and reach more diverse audiences, especially the voices of those working on the frontlines.

The Savings Learning Lab, together with Scale2Save and Savings at the Frontier, will be co-creating a learning space session on ‘Scalable and Sustainable Digital Solutions for Savings Groups’, as part of the ‘Savings groups at the frontlines of COVID-19’ stream. The session will feature speakers from VisionFund Zambia, a partner of Savings at the Frontier, and the Kenya Post Office Savings Bank, a partner of Scale2Save, and will be moderated by SLL’s Diana Dezso. It will focus on supply-side approaches and the complexities of designing and implementing digital technologies for savings groups and other low-income customers as well as the intricacies of the partnerships needed to bring these products to market.

The conference will take place between 26-30 October. Keep an eye on the conference website for the final agenda.