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Portfolio and fund-level evaluation

Portfolios range from a collection of projects or grants that are loosely focused on the same issue area to a highly coordinated set of plans that operate seamlessly. Portfolio managers want to understand how the different parts add up to a greater goal. We have evaluated portfolios for a diverse range of clients and refined an approach that delivers insights for managers.

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Impact story

Helping the UK Government tackle the global antimicrobial emergency

Our long-term evaluation of the UK Government’s flagship Fleming Fund has informed strategic shifts relating to data use and...


Drivers of impact in research and innovation for development

Our Global Challenges Research (GCFR) evaluation survey highlights four important drivers of impact in research and innovation...


Promoting impact in research and innovation

How can management structures and implementation processes increase innovation and impact for development? Download the...


Evaluation of the Global Challenges Research Fund

We are assessing how successfully the Global Challenges Research Fund is achieving its aims, delivering impact and achieving...


Maximising the effectiveness of Defra programming

We are providing monitoring, evaluation and learning services for Defra’s international programming covering climate change,...


Shaping the UN Girl’s Education Initiative 2023-27

Itad supported the United Nations Girls' Education Initiative to develop and design their 2023-27 portfolio.


Supporting USAID’s Localize Global Health Security project

We are providing monitoring, evaluation and learning services to the five-year initiative, which aims to improve local...


Strengthening monitoring, evaluation and learning services for CSSF South Asia

We are supporting evidence generation and learning for programme design and adaptive programme management for the UK...


Evaluation of UBS-Optimus’ Health Strategy and Development of a New Strategic Direction

We evaluated UBS-Optimus’ achievements, impact trajectory, and contribution to saving children's lives through its health...


USAID’s Learning for Development, Nepal

We are supporting USAID’s Nepal Mission to improve democratic governance, health and education outcomes in Nepal.


Evaluating the Global Fund’s Service Delivery Innovation Strategic Initiative

Itad is evaluating the Global Fund’s Service Delivery Innovation Strategic Initiative to build resilient and sustainable...


Evaluating Self-Care Policy Change for Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights

Itad, in partnership with Halcyon, evaluated the Self-Care Trailblazer Group’s FAST TRACK programme’s implementation...


Evaluation of Unitaid’s Antiretroviral Therapy Optimization portfolio

We evaluated Unitaid's Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) Optimization portfolio’s impact on lowering barriers to antiretroviral...


Evaluating UK support to countering the Illegal Wildlife Trade in Southern Africa

Itad is evaluating the UK government funded Counter Illegal Wildlife Trade Range Training Programme in Malawi and Zambia to...


Supporting the Hilton Foundation’s flexible funding for disaster relief and recovery

Identifying enablers and barriers to relevant, timely and accountable emergency response in the Hilton Foundation’s Disaster...


External review of Unitaid’s 2017-21 strategy

Insights from Itad's review of Unitaid’s 2017-2021 strategy enabled the organisation to capitalise on lessons learned from...