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Evaluation provides evidence to drive sustainable and equitable change and meet global development goals. Understanding what works, why and for whom supports our partners make informed decisions and improve lives.

Our evaluators bring the independence and integrity required to deliver transparent, robust judgements on the effectiveness, impact and value for money of our partners’ work. The evidence we generate helps our partners make decisions on programme or policy strategy, implementation and where best to allocate resources. Our work encourages accountability to people and communities, as well as business leaders, donors and the general public.

We offer an extensive service, from project-level to global portfolio evaluations. Understanding the needs of our clients and how evidence will feed decision-making is fundamental to our work. Our expertise ranges from large-scale impact evaluation, organisational and portfolio evaluations, to real-time, formative and process approaches. Whatever the question, however, complex the context, we tailor our work to provide the evidence required.

  • Impact evaluation

    We offer a range of services that evaluate the impact of programmes. We cover a wide spectrum of our partner’s needs, from statistical approaches (randomised control trials, quasi-experimental designs) through to theory-based approaches that focus more on understanding how impact occurs and who benefits. Wherever possible we use mixed-method approaches to provide a holistic understanding of impact.

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  • Organisational evaluation

    Organisations are ever-changing. Organisational evaluation provides an opportunity to step back and take stock of whether they are operating in line with their original vision and strategy. We have evaluated diverse organisations and supported their senior management to gain confidence and clarity in stepping forward into the future.

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  • Portfolio and fund-level evaluation

    Portfolios range from a collection of projects or grants that are loosely focused on the same issue area to a highly coordinated set of plans that operate seamlessly. Portfolio managers want to understand how the different parts add up to a greater goal. We have evaluated portfolios for a diverse range of clients and refined an approach that delivers insights for managers.

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  • Process evaluation

    We help our partners learn from the way they implement projects and programmes. The evidence we provide through process evaluations supports improved delivery and course-correction, and provide recommendations at programme level.

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  • Quality assurance

    We provide independent quality assurance services to enable our partners to better know whether the evaluative products they commission are credible. Our services are tailored to the specific needs of a wide range of organisations.

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  • Value for Money assessment

    Our assessments of value for money help our partners obtain the maximum benefit with the resources they have available. We offer a range of services (from cost-effectiveness analysis through to process audits) to provide the evidence to inform how best to spend less, spend well and spend wisely.

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