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Working with our partners and a global network of consultants, we have experience and expertise in over 60 countries and in almost every field of international development.

Our projects range from understanding the realities of people and communities affected by development initiatives right through to delivering high-profile global evaluations.

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Joint External Anti-Corruption Evaluation

Itad was commissioned to obtain knowledge regarding the relevance and effectiveness of support to reduce corruption and...


Evaluation of DFID Country Programmes

Itad conducted five annual rounds of competitively tendered DFID Country Programme Evaluations (CPEs) and Regional Programme...


OHCHR Performance in Gender Mainstreaming

Itad and Tripleline were commissioned to conduct an evaluation of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights'...


Review of Quality-at-Entry for the African Development Bank (AfDB)

Itad were contracted in 2009 and 2012, by the Evaluation Department of the African Development Bank to conduct a review of...


Malawi, National Audit Office (UK), NAO Country Study

Itad, in association with Kadale Consultants (Malawi), undertook the qualitative research study that served as a key input...


Evaluation of Irish Aid’s Country Strategy Paper for Uganda 2007-2009

Itad led this evaluation, which sought to provide Irish Aid's Senior Management and Country Team in Uganda with an assessment...


Joint learning programme on pro poor growth

Train4Dev, and POVNET contracted the ODI and Itad to design and deliver a joint learning programme on pro poor growth.


Mid-Term Review of the Research Into Use Programme

Itad conducted a review of DFID's Research Into Use Programme, to assess its performance to date and help determine its the...


Rwanda Rural Sector Support – Performance Indicator Update and Impact Assessment

Itad updated the project's performance indicators and conduct a primary, field-level impact assessment survey with rural...


Mid Term Evaluation of the Joint Donor Team in Juba, Sudan

Itad was contracted to lead the mid-term evaluation of the Joint Donor Team which aims to promote donor coordination in a...


Training and methodological support for EC development cooperation policy

Itad managed a Brussels-based team that was instrumental in the effective promotion and application of EC development...


Development of the ILC Operating System and M&E Framework

Itad supposed the development of an Operating Framework to guide annual and multi-year result-based work planning and an M&E...


Evaluation of Ireland’s Country Strategy in Timor-Leste

Itad evaluated Irish Aid's support of Timor-Leste focusing on several aspects including civil society support and the...


OHCHR, M&E Framework for Strategic Management Plan and Performance Management

Itad provided advisory services on the M&E framework for OHCHR, alongside technical support to develop software to capture and...


M&E Review and Workshop in Bangkok

Itad conducted a review for DFID of M&E in the region, and used this as a basis to strengthen the capacity of country offices.


State Accountability and Voice Initiative (SAVI)

Itad is a core consortium partner in State Accountability and Voice Initiative, providing staff, consultants and advice across...