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Support to DFID’s Market Development Programme, Northern Ghana

Itad is providing strategic M&E and results management support to UK DFIDs market development programme in Northern Ghana (MADE).


The 5-year programme is expected to improve the incomes and resilience of poor farmers and small-scale, rural entrepreneurs in the North. It will do this by improving the way that markets work, with a particular focus on agricultural value chains (the full range of activities that bring a crop to the consumer).

The approach

The programme will be implemented using the Making Markets Work for the Poor (M4P) approach. The central concept of M4P is that the poor are dependent on market systems for their livelihoods, so the M4P approach aims to make these markets more effective, sustainable and beneficial for poor people. The programme is also addressing gender equality through a process of gender mainstreaming into intervention scoping and implementation.

Our role

We are providing both full-time consultants based in Northern Ghana and short-term, international consultants specialised in monitoring and evaluation, value for money and market development approaches. We are also working with MADE’s gender specialist to ensure gender research findings are carried over into data collection activities.


Contact Ed Hedley ( if you would like to discuss this project.

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