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Retrospective Review of Rockefeller Foundation’s Rice Biotechnology Program

Itad conducted a review of the Rockefeller Foundation's International Program on Rice Biotechnology.


The Rockefeller Foundation’s International Program on Rice Biotechnology (IPRB) was a 17-year long program which made strategic investments in the development and dissemination of new tools to improve rice production.

The aim of the review

The purpose of the retrospective review was to assess the achievements and lessons learned from the Rockefeller Foundation’s 17-year IPRB investments in order to inform the donors seeking to make strategic investments to advance agricultural research and strengthen the capacity of international and national research institutions today.  We were directly approached by the Gates Foundation to conduct the review.

Our approach

The work was largely qualitative in nature, with some limited survey and statistical analysis. We provided a small core team of Senior Evaluators with significant experience in agri-research and agri-support supported by a Senior Advisory Panel of three world authorities in the fields of biotechnology, plant-breeding and rice bio-tech.

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Team members