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Working with our partners and a global network of consultants, we have experience and expertise in over 60 countries and in almost every field of international development.

Our projects range from understanding the realities of people and communities affected by development initiatives right through to delivering high-profile global evaluations.

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WorldFish Bangladesh Research Communications Advice

Itad, contracted by WorldFish assisted in a scientific evidence base to show community based fisheries management works using...


Sida, Advisory and evaluation support to the Chia Se Poverty Alleviation Programme

Itad was appointed as part of the Sida Advisory Team to provide support on programme design and performance for rural...


Monitoring and Evaluation – Watershed Management Project

Itad supported the development of a Monitoring and Evaluation System for the China Watershed Management Project which helped...


Review of the Role of Governance in Island Development

Itad, in a partnership, was contracted by Dienst Landelijk Gebied Regio West to conduct a review of the role of governance in...


Rural development advisory team for the Swedish International Development Agency in Vietnam

Sida appointed Itad as professional advisers to strengthen the quality of follow-up on their rural development portfolio.


How to Note on ICTs in Data Collection

Itad provided services to DFID under the ICD (Information and Communications for Development) framework to create a How To...


World Food Programme – Review of the German Quality Improvement Grant

Itad, contracted by the World Food Programme (WFP) reviewed the strategic relevance of the Grant; its effectiveness and impact...


European Commission – Evaluation of European Training Foundation

Itad won an EC-funded, open tender to evaluate the European Training Foundation (ETF), providing expertise in Vocational...


Global Evaluation for the International HIV/AIDS Alliance

Itad led an evaluation on the International HIV/AIDS Alliance, for interested donors to inform their decisions about possible...


Natural Resources Systems Programme Communications Strategy Synthesis, DFID

Itad were contracted by DFID to conduct a communications strategy synthesis from 19 projects


Evaluation of the Japan Social Development Fund Programme

In 2005 Itad conducted a strategic evaluation of the Japan Social Development Fund for the World Bank.


World Bank Water Management Improvement Project

Itad were contracted by the World Bank to assist in their Water Management Improvement Project


Review of Agricultural Research, Nepal

Itad was commissioned by DFID to undertake a review of agricultural research in Nepal


Development of an Integrated Monitoring & Evaluation System for MIGA

Itad worked with Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) Operations Team to develop a coherent and integrated...


Tanzania Performance Management System Mid-term Review

Itad assessed the performance management system and made recommendations in the context of wider government financial and...


Project Cycle Management, Sector Programmes & Budgetary Aid, EC

Itad provided training and helpdesk services in Project Cycle Management, Sector Programmes & Budgetary Aid.