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Working with our partners and a global network of consultants, we have experience and expertise in over 60 countries and in almost every field of international development.

Our projects range from understanding the realities of people and communities affected by development initiatives right through to delivering high-profile global evaluations.

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Evaluation of WHO-DFID Partnership

Itad was contracted by DFID to undertake the evaluation of WHO-DFID partnership. The evaluation assessed the causal linkages...


Helpdesk & Training Services in Project Cycle Management, Sector Programmes & Budgetary Aid

Itad was contracted by the EC to provide training and helpdesk services to EC and partner government staff in Project Cycle...


World Bank’s Impact Assessment of the Village Level Participatory Approach

Itad was contracted by the World Bank for an Impact Assessment of the Village Level Participatory Approach.


Measuring Value for Money in DFID: Review of the VFM Indicator in DFID’s Public Service Agreement

Itad was contracted by DFID to produce a paper reviewing Value For Money indicators.


Evaluation of Research Dissemination, DFID

Itad was contracted by DFID to design and implement an evaluation of research dissemination activities.


Review of the Ereto – Ngorongoro Pastoralist Project (Ereto-NPP)

Itad was contracted to undertake a set of interlinked studies on the lessons and issues emerging from the first 5 years of the...


The Rural Livelihoods Evaluation Partnership

Itad were contracted by DFID Bangladesh to conduct all the annual and final reviews of their portfolio of 10 rural livelihoods...


Monitoring and Evaluation system for Hill Agriculture Research Project

Itad, contracted by DFID, designed a monitoring and evaluation system for the research programme. The monitoring elements of...


Joint Wetlands Livelihoods project

Itad's approach was to catalyse and facilitate improved water governance. We worked at three levels: the whole river basin,...


Evaluation of Sustainable Development Agreements

Itad was contracted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to complete an evaluation of the process of Sustainable Development...


First and Second Independent Evaluation of UNAIDS

Itad led the 1st evaluation of UNAIDS, with the Netherlands Royal Tropical Institute, staff at the London School of Hygiene &...


Evaluation of Danida’s Bilateral Programme for Enhancement of Research Capacity in Developing Countries

Itad was contracted by DANDIA for an eight month evaluation of Danida's bilateral programme for Enhancement of Research...


Village Level Participatory Approach Impact Evaluation

Itad, contracted by the World Bank, managed a team to provide the baseline study to an impact evaluation of the Village Level...