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Itad at the International Realist Conference 2021

Join us for the International Realist Conference 2021, taking place online between 15-18 February. We will be presenting our work on the HMG Climate Change Compass evaluation, as well as our experience using realist evaluation for large, complex evaluations more broadly.


The International Conference for Realist Research, Evaluation and Synthesis (REALIST 2021) brings together researchers, evaluators and policy makers to share knowledge and develop a wider understanding of methods associated with the realist approach.

Itad will be involved in two sessions this year:

  1. Climate Change Compass evaluation: Charles Michaelis (Itad) and Owen Davis (BEIS) are running a “knowledge cafe” session on the Compass evaluation, a portfolio-level evaluation of the UK’s International Climate Finance (ICF) programmes. They will review the key innovations from the evaluation and, through discussion with participants, identify lessons that can be applied more widely by the realist evaluation community.
  2. The benefits of a realist approach for complex evaluations: Mel Punton will present on Itad’s experience using realist evaluation for complex projects. The presentation will reflect on the principles and practicalities of realist evaluation, drawing on lessons from four recent large-scale, multi-country evaluations.

The conference, which takes place over three days, will feature keynote talks and have two parallel streams for knowledge cafes, panel sessions and presentation. Take a look at the conference programme. Conference registration is still open.

If you are interested in finding out more about our experience with realist evaluation, read Mel’s blog ‘Reality bites: Lessons from five years of realist evaluation’.

If you want to know more about the Compass Climate Change evaluation methodology, read the Technical Report. We are also planning a webinar on Compass, with a focus on methodology in March. Watch this space.

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