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Mobilising private finance through demonstration effects – Compass PE2 Technical Report

The United Kingdom (UK) is firmly committed, alongside other developed countries, to contribute to the mobilisation of US$100 billion of public and private climate finance a year by 2020. International Climate Finance (ICF) is a core component of the UK’s contribution to this shared goal.

The purpose of this evaluation is to enable the UK government and other donors and development partners to learn about the effectiveness of mobilising private finance, through demonstration effects, to achieve the UK’s international objectives on climate change and thus driving wider transformational change. The evaluation focusses on programmes funded by ICF, but also takes into account the experience of other development finance institutions (DFIs).

This evaluation sets out where and in what circumstances demonstration effects have and have not been found. The critical success factors driving demonstration effects have been identified so that they can be succinctly communicated to programme managers for application in the design of future programmes. Thus, the lessons learned can help to improve future UK climate finance policies and programmes, and potentially influence the mobilisation strategies of other major international partners. Beyond this, lessons will also help to identify methods by which to measure and assess demonstration effects in the future.

This report is intended to be read in conjunction with the final report for this evaluation. It contains additional evidence and details that are expected to be of interest to a specialist evaluation audience.