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Poverty and livelihoods

Over 1.3 billion people around the world live in poverty. The impacts of poverty and deprivation are felt not only in economic terms but across the spectrum of life, from social and cultural opportunities to access education and healthcare. Entrenched poverty is often exacerbated by violent conflict and climate change disasters.

Understanding the multidimensional nature of poverty and people’s livelihoods, particularly as many of those living in poverty are working poor, is at the heart of sustainable development. In order for social protection systems to prevent and reduce poverty, and support the most vulnerable in society, it is essential to understand what works, for whom and why.

We work across this diverse range of interconnected issues. Our work seeks to understand what works in which contexts to best enable people and communities to enhance their capabilities, assets and activities. From understanding how social protection can act as a safety net for increasing human potential, and protect vulnerable people from risks and shocks, to measuring the impact of integrated development programming, our work helps to ensure interventions maximise their impact and support vulnerable people.