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Exploring the ‘Power of Story’ at the American Evaluation Association Conference 2023

Join us at the American Evaluation Association Conference from 9-14 October! We'll be sharing ideas, skills and reflecting on the power of story which is this year’s conference theme.


The annual American Evaluation Association conference provides an important space and time for evaluators to connect and exchange knowledge on how we can advance best practices in multiple types of evaluation, including programme evaluation, organisation evaluation, evaluation in government, independent consulting, and more.

We are looking forward to joining our fellow professionals from across the globe to share insights on diverse topics.

If you are planning to go, please join us at the following sessions:

Integrating Stories in the Evaluation of Global Health Programs

Friday 13 October 2023,  11:30 – 12:30 ET, White River Ballroom F.

In this multi-panel session we will share learnings on building a youth focused conceptualisation of ‘empowerment’ with adolescent girls within the context of sexual and reproductive health. We’ll draw lessons from a recent qualitative study in Nigeria and Tanzania and discuss the considerations for developing empowerment indicators for promoting effective and holistic sexual and reproductive health rights programming for girls. Our presentation will be delivered by Stefanie Wallach (Itad).

Young people’s stories shaping complex data collection and analysis in Uganda

Thursday 12 October 2023, 11:30 – 12:30 ET, Room 103.

We will share lessons from our experience of working with Young Ugandans to tell their stories, building on indigenous storytelling traditions. We’ll talk through our experience of triangulating these stories with other forms of evidence to build a comprehensive picture of youth employment in Uganda. Our speakers will be James Robinson (Itad) and Julian K. Bagyendera (Provide and Equip).