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Markets, business and supply chains

We work with companies, corporate foundations, investors and donors to accelerate progress in these areas and more. We develop impact strategies, identify baseline needs and evaluate what works and why to help expand economic opportunity and improve lives.

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Independent Review of the Rural Access Programme’s Performance Management and Verification (M&E) System

The Performance Management and Verification (PMV) system is the Rural Access Programme’s (RAP) internal M&E system used to...


Review of the RAP-3 Theory of Change

The 2016 review is a critical examination of the RAP3 theory of change conducted in consultation with stakeholders to reflect...


External Review of the Enabling the Business of Agriculture (EBA)

The Enabling the Business of Agriculture (EBA) is a World Bank Group study collecting unique data on the regulations that...


A Value for Money (VfM) Analysis for RAP 3

The Value for Money (VFM) analysis of RAP is one-off review assessing what is driving costs and to ensure that the programme...


Rapid Perception Survey on “Bikash ko Bato” – A joint RAP and MEL report

RAP 3's communication strategy included the “10 RAP Principles – that guide all activities and communications”. It also...


A Ridiculously Short Introduction to Monitoring & Evaluation for Women’s Economic Empowerment in Market Systems Development*

Itad's Jessica Rust-Smith explores how to evaluate women's economic empowerment within a market systems programme.


Business Environment Reform Facility (BERF)

Itad is a member of the KPMG-led consortium delivering the BERF programme and has responsibility for the ‘Cross-DFID lesson...


Retrospective Impact Assessment of the Financial Sector Deepening Trust of Tanzania

Itad, in collaboration with our partner MicroSave, will be conducting an evaluation to assess the impact that the Financial...


Evaluation of the Dutch Good Growth Fund

Itad, together with SEO Economic Research, has been selected to perform the impact evaluation of the first 5-years of the...


Nepal Rural Access Programme MEL: Institutional M&E Review of DoLIDAR

Itad, in association with Development Consultancy Centre (DECC), was contracted by DFID to manage and implement the...


Scoping and Design of Rigorous Impact Evaluation: Bangladesh

Itad undertook a scoping study to design an impact evaluation of voluntary taxation alternative dispute resolution mechanisms...


CGAP: Technical Monitoring & Evaluation Guidance for Funders and Program Implementers

Itad is engaged in supporting CGAP’s work on developing technical M&E guidance to funders and their implementing programs.


Mid-term Evaluation for Multi-Donor Trust Fund for Trade and Development

Itad is undertaking the Mid-term Evaluation of the World Bank Multi-Donor Trust Fund for Trade and Development.


Advisory Support to Strengthen Rockefeller Foundation Monitoring and Evaluation

Itad will engage monitoring and evaluation specialists to provide short term practical assistance to the Rockefeller...


Tim Ruffer on BEAM Exchange Webinar

Itad’s Tim Ruffer contributed to a BEAM Exchange webinar on how market systems programmes are attributing change to their...


Evaluation Management Unit for West Africa Food Markets Pilot Programme

Itad is providing the Evaluation Management Unit to assess the West Africa Food Markets Programme's relevance, efficiency,...