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Rapid Perception Survey on “Bikash ko Bato” – A joint RAP and MEL report

RAP 3's communication strategy included the “10 RAP Principles – that guide all activities and communications”. It also aimed to reach out to the local people and beneficiaries in the programme districts where RAP 3 has supported the Antena foundation to run a radio show.


A RAP 3 radio show – provisionally entitled Path to Development being produced each week in Kathmandu and aired on local FM radio stations in each of our districts. The show is produced by the Antenna Foundation – a Nepali NGO with significant experience working with donors and aid programmes on public service broadcasting for development issues. The magazine-style show is driven by local people and the development issues that most affect them. Public service announcements will go out in all of the districts encouraging people to call a toll-free number and leave a voice message with their thoughts and experiences on what’s working and what’s not with the RAP 3 programme. These issues collated centrally and fed into the show, which also contains content on broader development issues affecting communities in our districts. The aim of the radio show is to increase the participants and listeners to weekly RAP radio show, clarify program objectives, and to increase awareness, support and trust in RAP. In this context RAP 3 has assigned a rapid survey to establish the baseline values on the RAP 3 radio show –“Path to Development”.

The main objective of the survey was to establish the baseline values for the radio show Path to Development more frequently known as “Bikash ko Bato”. Apart from this, the study is aimed to transfer the knowledge to RAP interns on data collection tools using smartphones.