Monitoring and Evaluation of the Global Mine Action Programme 2 (GMAP2)

2018 – 2020; DFID; Multi-country

Itad has been retained by DFID to monitor and evaluate the Global Mine Action Programme 2 (GMAP2). We successfully delivered the M&E contract for GMAP1, providing continuous reliable and robust monitoring services to DFID from 2016 to 2018, and producing formative and summative reports which informed the design of GMAP2 as well as a revision of the GMAP Theory of Change which has been adopted for GMAP2.

GMAP2 continues the work of reducing the humanitarian and development impact of landmines and explosive remnants of war (ERW). The expected results include making safe 150 km2 land, enabling 800,000 people to live their lives free from the threat of mines and helping 100,000 adults and children to understand the dangers of landmines. GMAP2 will build the capacity of regional and national demining authorities based on their priorities, including improving information and risk management systems and increase the effectiveness of local management.

For GMAP2 we are adopting an integrated approach to monitoring and evaluation, and capitalising on the inclusion within the TOR of a research study. These three components will come together around an evidence strategy and contribution analysis that link to the GMAP2 Theory of Change, ensuring that the monitoring, evaluation, and research, complement each other to add up to more than the sum of their parts. In doing so, we will:

  • Deliver the essential accountability mechanisms of monitoring and evaluation, whilst using the data collected to constantly test the GMAP2 Theory of Change and inform programme design.
  • Use the research study to build on the monitoring and evaluation, collating historical data and using methods of analysis such as GIS, to increase the evidence base of mine action’s links with outcome and impact level change.
  • Combine this understanding with an uptake strategy which identifies key points in the GMAP cycle to inform programme design, and using a combination of communication and learning methods that increase the adoption of those lessons by key GMAP stakeholders.

By the end of the contract, we will have supported DFID to deliver an efficient, effective and accountable GMAP, increased the evidence base for informed policy making and programme design and contributed to the thought leadership of DFID and the advancement of the mine action sector.

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