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MEL Partner for CSSF Eastern Africa (2015-2021)

The Conflict, Stability and Security Fund (CSSF) supports the UK Government’s work in addressing conflict and fragility globally. Since 2015, Itad has been supporting CSSF teams across Eastern Africa to provide evidence and insights into how the Fund is contributing to conflict, stability and security outcomes in the region.


The CSSF is a cross-government fund that provides higher-risk and agile programme investments to support the delivery of National Security Council strategies. Itad is leading a six-year MEL Partner contract that provides strategic advice and support to CSSF Eastern Africa teams across 12 countries in the region.  

Our role

We provide mentoring support to ensure programmes are aligned with strategy, are informed by an understanding of the operating context, and set realistic objectives underpinned by evidence. We support CSSF teams with strengthening the quality of outcome data through third-party monitoring and developing monitoring tools that track progress and support adaptation. We conduct rapid research and evaluations of CSSF programmes and strategies to provide evidence of contribution to strategic objectives. Across all our work is a focus on supporting learning and uptake across the region to inform improved programme and policy decisions. 

Our approach

We have developed a number of innovative MEL tools and approaches in Eastern Africa, which have been taken up by CSSF teams globally. We developed an approach to measuring political access and influence (PAI) which enables CSSF teams across the region to track and assess the nature and extent of access and influence gained through programmatic investments, including embedded advisors 

We also developed an approach to assessing the effects of military training called TASER (Training Assessment System for Evaluation and Reporting). This is supporting the British Peace Support Team (BPST) to better measure the performance and effect of pre-deployment training to troop-contributing countries to African Union missions on the continent. 


Contact David Fleming ( if you would like to discuss this project.


Image: Nairobi street. Credit: Ben Welle (Flickr) (CC BY 2.0)