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Enabling mine action for stability in fragile settings: learning week

Mine action has the potential to contribute to stabilisation in fragile settings; as more funding is directed to fragile contexts it is important to reflect on how this potential can be utilised.


In turn, this can help the mine action sector understand how to be conflict-sensitive and contribute most effectively to the development sector – not only doing no harm but contributing to the transformation of conflict where they are able to do so.

As part of Itad’s evaluation of DFID’s Global Mine Action Programme (GMAP) in 2019, we conducted a rapid review revealing little robust evidence on the link between mine action and development objectives. Following this, GMAP 2 is conducting a research project designed to build our understanding and evidence base, providing practical support for mine action actors to better understand how their operations can maximise their added value.

Read more about our work on mine action as part of GMAP

To support collective learning and evidence sharing, we are holding a Learning Week from 18 to 21 October 2021 exploring the links between mine action and stabilisation. Through a collaborative consultation process the week will assess whether mine action and stabilisation can be linked and what this might look like in different conflict contexts; identify good practice and where evidence and processes need to be strengthened; and finally developing a set of common learning questions to guide the sector’s future understanding and assessment of its contribution to stabilisation.

This will include:

  • An introductory discussion on the current status and the need for better evidence linking stabilisation and mine action;
  • participant-led case study presentations to share experiences and examples of mine action contributing to stabilisation, looking at what worked well and what did not;
  • challenge sessions to identify strengths of process and evidence base and explore suggestions for how to further strengthen the evidence base; and
  • guided round table discussions on key learning questions.

The Mine Action and Stabilisation Collaborative Learning Week will be hosted on Platform4Dialogue, an online platform that will host two to three interactive workshops and presentations per day. Live virtual sessions will be scheduled to accommodate time zone differences; attendees will also be able to contribute at any time via text-based discussions from anywhere around the world.

If you would like to join us, please register your interest here.

Download the event schedule here.

To discuss further contact: Tom Gillhespy