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Aligning methods to inspire and monitor change

Kate Hale reflects on our work with Tostan, and how aligning methods can work to monitor change, after International Day of...


Gender Equality: what’s in it for men?

Itad's Julia Hamaus reflects on V4C's 'Being a Man in Nigeria: Perceptions and Realities' launch in London, and men's...


Flexible and Adaptive…How Original

The title of this post relates to how adaptive programming was presented at a recent donor meeting, the aim being to profile a...


The ‘almost revolution’ of thinking and working politically

Itad's Claire Hughes reflects on her afternoon discussing where we have got to with the “almost revolution” of thinking...


Better understanding and measuring resilience

Itad's Climate Change theme looks at the concept of 'resilience' and how we can better understand and measure it, after their...

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BRACED Monitoring & Evaluation Guidance Notes

The BRACED M&E Guidance Notes set out the BRACED M&E framework itself and the guidance provided to the 15 country-level...


How to evaluate if a programme really makes markets work for the poor – 10 Key points

BEAM’s Evaluation Guidance sets out to help evaluators, programme managers and donors steer round these and other problems....


Can ICTs help citizens to raise concerns over water supply? – Findings from a research project under the making all voices count initiative

Itad's Katharina Welle explores whether ICTs can help citizens raise concerns over water supply, following on from her article...


A Ridiculously Short Introduction to Monitoring & Evaluation for Women’s Economic Empowerment in Market Systems Development*

Itad's Jessica Rust-Smith explores how to evaluate women's economic empowerment within a market systems programme.


Can football tackle violence against women and girls? Six findings from our baseline study in Kenya.

Itad is working with the British Council and the Premier League on an innovative project, funded by the UK’s Department for...


60 Seconds with…Barbora Sladkova

Our ‘60 Seconds with…’ blogs are designed to provide a quick run down of what our staff do here at Itad. See what...


Evaluation of Norwegian Support to Capacity Development

Capacity development is a core cross-cutting issue for Norway. It is estimated that projects and programmes with significant...


Centre for Development Impact Update

This has been a formative year for the Centre for Development Impact (CDI). We have spent much of the year reflecting on the...


New Project Highlights

We have started work on many exciting new projects this year.


What has DFID funded in the area of Empowerment and Accountability and Gender equality?

The answer is not as straightforward as you may think. We had to figure it out whilst working on two evaluations for DFID, one...

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Climate Smart Initiative Story of Change Seven: Sileshi

The Climate Smart Initiative (CSI) was launched in July 2013, as an adjunct to the existing Government of Ethiopia’s...