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Itad Project Update – Summer 2016

Itad’s themes have started some exciting work on projects with a range of clients this year.


The Health theme is leading an evaluation of UNICEF’s efforts to support scale up of prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV and Paediatric HIV care and treatment programs over the past decade. The theme is also implementing the Fifth Monitoring Round (Country Assessments) of IHP+, a group of 65 partners committed to improving the health of citizens in developing countries by putting the principles of Effective Development Cooperation into practice in the health sector, in collaboration with HERA. In an exciting new direction is the evaluation of the Adolescents 360, a $30 million programme jointly funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation to encourage modern contraceptive use and reduce unplanned pregnancy among young girls aged between 15-19 in Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Nigeria.

The Governance theme (a new combination of our Empowerment and Accountability and Gender, and Governance themes) is working on several new projects. Itad is one of the core partners for the DFID-funded Empowerment and Accountability Research Programme: Understanding Social and Political Action. This research programme will produce operationally relevant and robust research to understand the effectiveness of social and political action for the empowerment of men and women and improved accountability of governments in different contexts. Itad is also acting as M&E specialist partner for the European Commission-funded Zanzibar Non State Actors Support Programme.

Another major success in Nigeria in the governance area is the Accountable, Capable and Responsive Government, another major project under the Engaged Citizens Pillar, continuing on the work done under the SPARC programme.

The FCAS theme has been contracted by DFID to provide Monitoring and Evaluation services to the Global Mine Action Programme 2014-17, a programme to reduce the humanitarian and development impact of landmines and Explosive Remnants of War.

The Climate Change theme continue to work with the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, now working on an evaluation of support for implementation and enforcement of measures to co-control air pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions in the People’s Republic of China.

The Organisational Development theme continues their work for Norad and have started implementing the Evaluation of the Quality of Reviews and Decentralised Evaluations in Norwegian Development Cooperation.