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Centre for Development Impact Update – Summer 2016

The Centre for Development Impact (CDI) has been very active over the last six months, publishing several CDI Practice Papers, holding (and attending) seminars and events, and furthering ways to broaden the way we evaluate impact.


We’ve published six CDI Practice Papers, adding to our substantial archive:

As well as holding a seminar to discuss each of our Practice Papers, further seminars were held on a range of topics:

Aside from seminars and Practice Papers and Seminars, we’ve been busy blogging, with other publications, events, and research.

Image: Illustration of findings from ‘Reducing poverty in the first 18 years of life in Burundi’, by Jorge Martin




Research and Practice:

Over the coming months, we’re looking forward to continuing our research, innovation and learning in the evaluation of impact – if you’re interested in receiving updates about our work straight to your inbox, sign up to our quarterly newsletter on