Macro Evaluations Blog

Over the course of our work on DFID’s Macro Evaluations, the team will be blogging and reflecting on their experiences with both the Empowerment and Accountability and the Strategic Vision for Girls and Women policy frames, exploring the methodologies used, and the challenges they face.

Blog 1 – Getting to grips with the DFID Macro Evaluations, Claire Hughes, December 2015

Blog 2 – What has DFID funded in the area of Empowerment and Accountability and Gender equality?, Emily Richardson, December 2015

Blog 3 – Evaluating complex change across projects and contexts: Methodological lessons from a macro evaluation of DFID’s social accountability portfolio, Florian Schatz, June 2016

Blog 4 – What works for social accountability? Findings from DFID’s macro evaluation, Claire Hughes, July 2017