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Empowerment and Accountability Annual Technical Report 2016 – Annexes Volume 2: Case Studies

Jeremy Holland and Florian Schatz, with Barbara Befani and Claire Hughes

The Department for International Development (DFID) commissioned Itad, through the e-Pact consortium, to undertake a macro evaluation of its Empowerment and Accountability (E&A) policy frame. The main purpose of the macro evaluation was to generate learning about what works, for whom, in what contexts and why in order to inform policy and practice in DFID and other development organisations.

The Empowerment and Accountability Annual Technical Report 2016: What Works for Social Accountability was published in December 2016.

This volume of annexes (volume two) contains 13 detailed project case studies selected for narrative analysis in the technical report. 

Volume one of the annexes provides five framing documents, including the detailed methodology and a technical note describing our approach to ensuring a robust methodology.

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