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New evidence highlights pre-conditions for development research impact

New insights from Itad demonstrate how evaluative methods can be used at earlier stages of development research programmes to...


New book highlights value of theories of change for social impact 

Insights from Itad feature in a new book on how the Theory of Change framework can help those interested in designing...


What makes evaluations impactful?

Insights from a panel discussion as part of our first ever company-wide Knowledge and Learning Day.


How can funders achieve systems change?

Many funders are adopting a systems change perspective to solve the world's most pressing social and environmental problems....

Image of illustrated silhouettes linked together by interconnecting lines

Addressing social norms in development programmes – Learnings from the WISH programme

Addressing social norms in behaviour change programmes is increasingly a priority for many donors. We highlight three key...

birds and barbed wire representing slavery

The UK’s approach to tackling modern-day slavery in Nigeria: Five missed opportunities

I recently read the ICAI review of the UK’s approach to tackling modern-day slavery through the aid programme and it led me...

human trafficking and unsafe migration

Tackling human trafficking: Lessons from the Stamping out Slavery in Nigeria project

Modern-day slavery is still a prevalent practice in Nigeria, with Edo State at the centre of human trafficking. The UK...


Keeping it real: using mechanisms in realist evaluation

A new paper in a special issue of New Directions for Evaluation explores the use of mechanisms within the realist evaluation...

evidence during covid 19

Continuing results in development:
the importance of evidence during COVID-19

The COVID-19 (C19) pandemic has had profound effects on lives around the world and will continue to do so for years, if not...


Rapid evaluations: how an evaluation with a quick turnaround can support adaptive management

Adaptive management requires learning as you go. Decisions need to be taken to support course-correction – and they need to...


The complex reality of evaluation independence

An article in the Guardian got us thinking about the importance of independence in evaluation, and what ‘independence’...


Changing a Theory of Change: six important lessons from our work with iDSI

In this Itad blog, Laura Hopkins and Stefanie Wallach explore six lessons we've learnt when it comes to changing a theory of...


How can capacity building improve how policy makers use evidence?

Itad has just finished a three-year realist evaluation of the Building Capacity to Use Research Evidence (BCURE) programme –...


The irony of evaluation – thoughts from the annual UKES conference

My initial reaction to my first UKES conference was that it all seemed slightly ironic that a group of dedicated evaluation...