What do we mean by client empowerment in financial inclusion and how do we do it?

At the 2017 SEEP Annual Conference, I had the pleasure to facilitate a session with colleagues from the Mastercard Foundation Savings Learning Lab. We talked about successful approaches to client empowerment in savings programming, with a focus on the overarching problem of financial exclusion of two vulnerable groups – women and the very poor.

I was joined by …

Itad’s 4 top takeaways from the SEEP Women’s Economic Empowerment Forum

Did you know that there are more CEOs in Australia called John than there are CEOs that are women? And that in 95% of economies in Sub-Saharan Africa there is at least one law impeding women’s economic opportunities? These laws include everything from restrictions on married women opening bank accounts, to signing contracts and travelling outside the home.

There …

Itad at SEEP2016

This week, Itad’s Charley Clarke will be at The SEEP Network’s annual conference in Arlington, Virginia, participating in two sessions as part of the ‘Getting and Using the Right Kinds of Evidence’ technical track.

At 11am (UTC) on Tuesday, Charley will be part of a discussion on ‘understanding Systemic Change in Market Systems’, exploring lessons and …