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World Bank, Sub-Saharan Africa Transport Governance Indicators

Itad reviews and developed a series of transport indicators that could be used to highlight performance in the Sub-Saharan Africa Transport...


External Impact Assessment of IPPF’s Safe Abortion Action Fund (SAAF)

Itad, commissioned by SAAF, conducted an independent impact assessment of its programme and six of its country projects for the period 2007-2010.


External Review of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature

Itad was selected by a group of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature’s framework donors to undertake an external review of IUCN.


Evaluation of implementation of the Paris Declaration principles by the African Development Bank

Itad were commissioned to assess AfDB's performance in fulfilling its commitments to the Paris Declaration as an institution.


Impact Evaluation of ARCAN Training Programmes

Itad conducted the impact evaluation of the African Regional Capacity Building Network for HIV/AIDS Prevention, Treatment and Care Project (ARCAN).


Ghana, Kenya, NAO, DFID’s Work in Primary Education

Itad was contracted to carry out qualitative research on the results of DFID's work in primary education in Ghana and Kenya.


Evaluation of DFID Country Programmes Country Study: Kenya

This evaluation of DFID’s Kenya country programme is one of a series of regular Country Programme Evaluations (CPEs) commissioned by DFID’s...


Monitoring & Evaluation for Understanding and Enhancing Rural Youth Livelihoods in East Africa

Itad provided communications and monitoring & evaluation expertise: aimed to identify opportunities to enhance the livelihoods of rural youth in...