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Supporting innovation, design, execution, and acceleration within USAID

USAID's IDEAS initiative is designed to offer high-quality support to USAID Missions and Bureaus, focusing on local, sustainable solutions and robust, localized technical assistance.


Itad is working alongside EnCompass, to deliver USAID’s Innovation Design, Execution, and Acceleration Support (IDEAS) Activity.

This significant initiative aims to offer high-quality support to USAID Missions and Bureaus in achieving their innovation and co-creation goals. IDEAS will focus on promoting local, sustainable solutions and providing robust, localized technical assistance to accelerate the development and sustainability of innovative approaches.

Our role

Alongside a consortium of partners, we are providing MEL support throughout the life of the IDEAS programme.

Over the next five years, we will work collaboratively to capture and disseminate knowledge and learning within USAID and across the broader development community, sharing best practices, successes, and lessons learned from both the innovations themselves and the programs that support them.

Our consortium of partners, including DT Global and Challenge Works alongside  EnCompass and ourselves, brings an array of strengths to this endeavor including:

  • Robust management systems.
  • Technical expertise in leading open innovation programs.
  • Extensive global networks of service providers and innovators.
  • A proven ability to leverage evaluation, learning, and knowledge management to drive sustainable development.

Methods and approaches

The services we provide under the IDEAS Activity will be extensive and tailored to meet the unique needs of innovation programs. They include:

  • Designing, executing, and accelerating open innovation programs.
  • Executing administrative, implementation, grant-making, and technical assistance functions in support of open innovation programs.
  • Servicing and managing open innovation program buy-ins from throughout the Agency.
  • Providing technical support to open innovation grantees.
  • Analyzing and managing open innovation data.
  • Engaging external audiences on open innovation–related programs.
  • Communicating open innovation program results and impact.