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Aiding the Peace – A Multi-donor Evaluation of Support to Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding Activities in Southern Sudan 2005–2010

This report of the evaluation of donor support to conflict prevention and peacebuilding activities in Southern Sudan comes at...


Evaluation of DFID’s Country Programmes: Ethiopia 2003­ – 2008

The Country Programme Evaluation (CPE) for Ethiopia assessed the relevance, effectiveness and efficiency of the Department of...


Mid-Term Evaluation of the Joint Donor Team in Juba, Sudan

The evaluation was conducted in three phases. An inception stage discussed the Terms of Reference of the assignment with Norad...


Evaluation of Norwegian HIV/AIDS Responses

At the turn of the century, there was an increasing concern about the lack of results in fighting the hiv and aids epidemic,...


Evaluation of Ireland aid’s Timor Leste country programme 2003 – 08

Timor Leste is a newly independent country with a turbulent history of occupation, in which human rights were neglected and...


Evaluation of DFID Country Programmes: Zambia

The evaluation of DFID’s country programme in Zambia is one of a series commissioned by DFID’s Evaluation Department. The...


Evaluation of Gender Policy Implementation In UNICEF

The purpose of this evaluation was to identify how well organization had implemented its 1994 policy for the integration of...


DFID Regional Programme Evaluation – Central Asia, South Caucasus And Moldova

DFID has a rolling programme of Country Programme Evaluations (CPEs) with 5 or 6 evaluations of countries or regions per year....


Evaluation of DFID Country Programmes: West Bengal

This evaluation of the West Bengal State Programme was carried out by a team of Evaluation Dept (EvD) staff and independent...


Joint Country-Led Evaluation of Child-focused Policies within the Social Protection Sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Background of this evaluation UNICEF in cooperation with DEP/EPPU has commissioned a comprehensive evaluation of the ongoing...


Evaluation of DFID Country Programmes Country Study: Indonesia

This is the report of an evaluation of the UK Department for International  Development (DFID) country programme in...


Evaluation of DFID Country Programmes Country Study: Kenya

This evaluation of DFID’s Kenya country programme is one of a series of regular Country Programme Evaluations (CPEs)...


Poor Rural Communities Development Project – Participation Manual

Over the past few years, governmental, public sector and non-governmental organizations have devoted considerable time and...