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What works in resilience measurement: Our learning in practice

We are pleased to launch our Practice Papers – a new series of publications where we put our learning into practice. Our first Practice Paper focuses on measuring resilience and reflects on our experience working on major resilience programmes.


Download the paper.

Watch Vicky Sword-Daniels share reflections from the paper.

The concept of resilience has gained prominence in science, policy and practitioner circles and this has led to an increased number of approaches to measuring resilience.

In international development, funders and implementers need to demonstrate results and understand whether resilience-strengthening programmes are contributing to reduced poverty and improved wellbeing.

This Practice Paper shares learning from the UK’s flagship resilience programme Building Resilience and Adaptation to Climate Extremes and Disasters (BRACED) and other significant resilience initiatives, such as the Global Resilience Partnership (GRP).

While we recognise that there is no definitive ‘right’ way to measure resilience, we now have a better understanding of more appropriate ways of working.

Learning in Practice


After launching our Think Piece series last year, we’re delighted to share our learning in practice in our first Practice Paper.

Get in touch with Vicky ( if you are interested in discussing the paper.