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A Learning Review of the Dedicated Grant Mechanism (DGM) for Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities in the Forest Investment Program (FIP) of the Climate Investment Funds (CIF)

This summary extracts some of the major findings from a Learning Review of the Forest Investment Program (FIP) Dedicated Grant Mechanism (DGM)...


Resilience Results: BRACED-X Final Evaluation Synthesis

Resilience is the ability to anticipate, avoid, plan for, cope with, recover from and adapt to (climate-related) shocks and stresses. This lays...


Insights from Resilience Policy work in Kenya: A realist Evaluation Case Study

This case study, along with the synthesis of Final Evaluations (FEs) delivered by BRACED-X IPs, was undertaken by the Evaluation Activity 2 (EA2)...


Synthesis of Global Resilience Challenge results

The Global Resilience Partnership (GRP) is a partnership of public and private organizations joining forces towards a resilient, sustainable and...


Synthesis of Water Window Challenge results

The Global Resilience Partnership (GRP) aims to create a nurturing environment that enables great innovations to thrive, be tested, and scaled...


Resilience Results: BRACED-X Final Evaluation

Explore the Resilience Results: BRACED-X Final Evaluation, a report which presents a synthesis of nine project-level final evaluations with the...


Resilience Results: BRACED final evaluation report

This report presents a synthesis of project-level final evaluations, carried out after three years of implementation of the Building Resilience...


Nesta Impact Investments – Impact Strategy Audit Report

Itad conducted an Impact Strategy Audit of Nesta Impact Investments (NII). This assessed their use of the strategy and compared it to best...


Pushing the boundaries: considering new ways of utilising evaluations

Itad's Bara Sladkova reflects on this year's UKES Conference, which explored the current ways of utilising evaluations.


Itad takes on the Oxfam Emergency Challenge

Two teams from Itad took on the Oxfam Emergency Challenge. Here, Bara Sladkova reflects on their experiences responding to an emergency in 'Oxtania'.