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Synthesis of Water Window Challenge results

The Global Resilience Partnership (GRP) aims to create a nurturing environment that enables great innovations to thrive, be tested, and scaled when ready. It provides grants to consortia of organizations working to strengthen resilience to the world’s most vulnerable people.

GRP has commissioned two challenge rounds: a general resilience round, also called Round 1 (R1), and a Water Window (WW) round, with a particular focus on resilience to flood-related issues. Through these rounds, GRP works with 22 projects and 21 grantee consortia in 16 countries across sub-Saharan Africa and South and Southeast Asia.

The WW Challenge comprises 11 grantees that implemented 12 projects: six in Southeast Asia, five in South Asia, and one1 in sub-Saharan Africa. Water Window grantees were funded by the Z Zurich Foundation.

This synthesis summarizes progress the grantees have made, and how they have done it. It is structured according to four Impact Pathways, which are core to GRP’s strategy to achieving impact and reflected in the design of all R1 and Water Window Challenge projects.

These Impact Pathways are:
1. Policy influencing
2. Finance and investment
3. Innovation and scaling
4. Knowledge and partnership

The synthesis explores results from ten grantees, guided by these pathways in combination with the data that the grantees reported on relevant GRP indicators. In addition, the synthesis explores the outcomes of the five “scaling” grantees (funded to scale rather than pilot an idea) in more detail, pulling together key themes from their narrative statements.