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Resilience Results: BRACED-X Final Evaluation

Explore the Resilience Results: BRACED-X Final Evaluation, a report which presents a synthesis of nine project-level final evaluations with the aim to consolidate and expand work already completed in those projects.

This report presents a synthesis of nine project-level final evaluations, carried out after an 18-month, costed extension to the Building Resilience and Adaptation to Climate Extremes and Disasters (BRACED) programme.

The purpose of BRACED-X was to consolidate and expand work already completed in nine projects. It was expected that BRACED-X Implementing Partners (IPs) would build on BRACED results to ensure progress towards sustainability of outcomes. As well as allowing for the scaling-up and rolling out of successful interventions, it also meant that, for some activities requiring a longer maturation period, for example planning and institutional change, there was more opportunity for projects to progress along the change pathways. This would add to BRACED programme evidence and learning about how and why change happens in resilience-building programmes. BRACED-X projects were expected to demonstrate progress towards achieving transformative change, moving beyond supporting incremental changes in people’s resilience towards a more radical shift in human systems, ‘to fundamentally and sustainably improve the resilience of vulnerable citizens to climate impacts’.

Using evidence provided by IPs, looking across a range of contexts in building and strengthening resilience, the report examines the following central synthesis evaluation question: What difference did BRACED-X make, how, why, for whom and in what circumstances?

The projects implemented packages of activities working directly with individuals, households and communities, as well as with local-level institutions and local and national governments, and in collaboration with the private sector. These packages of activities, in combination, aimed to contribute to the overall outcome of improved resilience to climate-related extremes and disasters.

Read an overview of the findings here: Routes to Resilience: Insights from BRACED to BRACED-X

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