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A Learning Review of the Dedicated Grant Mechanism (DGM) for Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities in the Forest Investment Program (FIP) of the Climate Investment Funds (CIF)

This summary extracts some of the major findings from a Learning Review of the Forest Investment Program (FIP) Dedicated Grant Mechanism (DGM) for indigenous people and local communities (IPLCs) – known hereon as the DGM Learning Review.

The Learning Review was commissioned by the Climate Investment Funds (CIF) Evaluation and Learning Initiative to explore and capture the FIP DGM’s experience in encouraging greater involvement of IPLCs in financial and policy processes that relate to forests. A broad range of stakeholders – including forest-dependent communities, DGM practitioners, donors, multilateral development banks and climate funds – have expressed a strong interest in both the FIP DGM-specific and the universal lessons that emanate from this review. The full text was developed as a resource for these stakeholders and responds to their request for evaluative evidence under two general themes:

1. What are the early outcomes that the DGM is generating?

2. What are the useful lessons and insights that may guide current and future implementation?

The Learning Review is not an evaluation in the strict sense; rather, it documents experiences and draws first inferences from early stage implementation of the DGM. The outcomes of the DGM are presented in this summary so that new countries or institutions can see what could be achieved by encouraging greater involvement of IPLCs in financial and policy processes. The DGM experience, from conception to reaching these early outcomes, is then presented to inform funders and practitioners wishing to potentially replicate, adapt or further scale the DGM or similar types of programs delivering funding at the national level. The Learning Review should make both groups aware of success factors to emulate and difficulties to avoid, and so represent a useful short-cut to more and improved IPLC-led initiatives. Articulating the positive and negative effects of the DGM’s early stages should also provide recognition, encouragement and guidance for those working on existing DGMs.

Authors: Boru Douthwaite, Ben Murphy, Clare Stott, Barbora Sladkova, Patrick Hardcastle and Dave Wilson

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