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We turn evidence and insight into strategies and actions to deliver impact. We support decision-makers at the programmatic, thematic and organisational levels.

With 35 years’ experience helping our clients to tackle complex global challenges, we’ve learnt a lot about what works, why, and under which circumstances. This proves a powerful asset when defining and refining impact strategies, goals and programmes.

We conduct original on-the-ground research in low- and middle-income countries, draw practical insights from reviewing existing evidence, and map theories of change to clearly articulate routes to impact. Our partners benefit from a clearer vision and priorities, more efficient use of resources, and greater effectiveness and synergies across their programmes and initiatives.

  • Advice and research

    We deliver strategic advice and guidance through participatory processes that build buy-in, including facilitating workshops and stakeholder engagement.

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  • Evidence maps and synthesis

    We provide credible and transparent insights for our partners using rigorous methods to capture the most up-to-date knowledge on an issue. Analysing information from multiple sources, we provide evidence-based recommendations to inform decision-making.

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  • Politically smart programming

    We provide research, analysis and strategic advice to help our partners better understand how the broader political environment influences and impacts the success of an initiative. We enable our partners to develop approaches that apply everyday political thinking to achieving policy and programme outcomes.

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  • Theories of Change

    We facilitate flexible, multi-stakeholder theory of change processes, enabling our partners to better understand how change happens and the underlying conditions needed to create lasting impact. These critical reflections support our partners to predict, plan and deliver results and provide a strategic framework to help guide future planning and delivery.

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