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Understanding champion building

We are collating and presenting learnings from literature and practice of champion building to contribute to the wider field of advocacy and...


Measuring political advocacy, access, and influence for the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives

We are developing a framework and toolkit for measuring advocacy, access, and influence for development projects in over 150 countries alongside...


Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Learning on Global Serious Organised Crime

Delivering monitoring, evaluation, research and learning services to the UK Home Office to develop a coordinated and evidence-based approach to...


Itad statement on the Ukraine crisis

  As an organisation committed to having a positive impact in the world, Itad is horrified by the loss of civilian lives life and the threat...

Knowledge product

Champions for life: How to identify, support, and evaluate advocates for social change

‘Champion building’ is a key advocacy tactic that many organizations including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) employ in their...


News: Rob Lloyd takes over as Managing Partner

After three and a half years in the position, our current Managing Partner, Tim Ruffer, will be handing over the reins to Rob Lloyd (previously...


Video: What makes the RA programme so great?

Reflections from our graduated Research Analysts on their experiences of our two-year learning and development programme


Video: Introducing Itad’s Research Analyst programme

In this video, we explain how our RA programme is helping give early-career individuals the tools they need for MEL consultancy in the...


A360 Process Evaluation – Final Report

Findings from a process evaluation of the Adolescents 360 program, which delivered modern contraception to over 400,000 girls across Ethiopia,...

Knowledge product

ASPIRE UKAC Process Evaluation Report

Process evaluation report of the ASPIRE UKAC pilots for the Integration of SRHR, Population health and environment and climate resilience...

Knowledge product

ASPIRE UKAC Resilience Framework Discussion Paper

Discussion paper for the ASPIRE UKAC programme pilots integrating climate change resilience and sexual and reproductive health rights

Knowledge product

ASPIRE UKAC Resilience Paper

Giving women choices in reproductive health to support their resilience to climate change and other shocks and stressors: a conceptual framework


Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

As MERL lead, we undertook a Process Evaluation of the UKAC ASPIRE programme pilots integrating climate change resilience interventions in...


60 Seconds on Migration and Forced Displacement

Elisa Sandri discusses recent highlights and challenges from our work around Migration and Forced Displacement as we lead evaluations and...


Evaluating recommended reforms for inclusive transformation in agriculture

Itad is undertaking a retrospective policy evaluation as part of the Gates Foundation’s Evaluating Inclusive Transformation in Agriculture...


Promoting inclusive and fair climate action in cities around the world

Itad has been contracted by Porticus Foundation to be the Strategy, Monitoring, Evaluation and Lesson Learning (SMELL) partner for the Fair Urban...


Evaluation of Gates Foundation’s 50×2030 Initiative

Itad has been contracted by the Gates Foundation to undertake an evaluation of the 50x2030 Agricultural Data Architecture Initiative.


Evaluation of the Wellcome Trust’s Anti-Microbial Resistance Virtual Policy Think Tank

We are delivering an evaluation of the Virtual Policy Think Tank to ensure its strategies, systems and initial outputs are relevant and effective...


Supporting Inclusive Growth in Somalia

We are laying the MEL foundation for FCDO’s flagship economic development programme and supporting adaptive management integration into the...


Evaluating Menstrual Hygiene and Health Development Impact in Ethiopia

We are carrying out an impact evaluation of the french Development Agency's Menstrual Hygiene and Health Development Impact Bond in Ethiopia to...


Liz Avital

Principle Consultant

Liz Avital is a Principal Consultant in our Human Development team, with over 20 years of experience in global health and social care development.


Mike Klein

US Director

Mike is the US Director for Itad, he brings 15 years of experience in leading assignments focused on the use of digital and data innovations for...


How can funders achieve systems change?

Many funders are adopting a systems change perspective to solve the world's most pressing social and environmental problems. But what does it...


Understanding the protection of refugee rights during the COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19 has exacerbated the challenges faced by refugees across the globe in exercising their rights and gaining access to basic services, and...