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Fostering data-use innovations for a water-secure world

We are supporting the delivery of USAID’s Water Security, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WSSH) Data & Analytics Activity to strengthen the global WSSH data ecosystem.


As part of a team led by SEGURA Consulting, we are using our expertise in data and analytics to foster innovations that enhance the use of data, driving progress towards achieving a water-secure world.

This significant project aligns with our commitment to evidence-informed decision-making in the WSSH sector.

USAID’s initiative aims to convert the best global WSSH data into practical insights, propelling forward the U.S. Government’s Global Water Strategy and USAID’s Water and Development Plan.

The project’s focus is on enhancing decision-making processes and strengthening the global WSSH data ecosystem for all stakeholders. The IDEAL WSSH’s primary goal is to assist USAID stakeholders in making informed, routine decisions related to WSSH.

The WSSH Data & Analytics project is structured around four key objectives:

  1. Strengthening the WSSH Data Landscape
  2. Supporting Data-Informed Decisions
  3. Monitoring WSSH Acceleration Resulting from USAID’s System Strengthening Work
  4. Providing Tailored, Evidence-Informed Decision Support

We are working in collaboration with USAID, Akvo, EnCompass LLC, SEGURA Consulting, and Tetra Tech International Development.