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Retrospective assessment of the LEGO Play Box Initiative

For the past ten years, LEGO has been donating Play Boxes to children and educational institutions in disadvantaged environments and providing training on its use. The Play Box is a signature LEGO Foundation tool, which aims to introduce learning through play experiences. Itad is carrying out the first assessment of the practices undertaken as a part of the LEGO Foundation’s Play Box Initiative.


Itad are undertaking an assessment of the LEGO Foundation’s Play Box Initiative. As part of the assessment, we are developing a Theory of Change on how to improve the Play Box initiative, as well as how it can be scaled up and used to improve children’s learning and holistic development outcomes.

Our work will serve as the basis for achieving the LEGO Foundation’s long-term goal of understanding if and in what way Play Boxes have an impact on children’s learning and holistic development outcomes, and its potential to be integrated more strategically into the LEGO Foundation’s global programmes.

We will do this by assessing various aspects of Play Box donations to date, including distribution logistics, training practices and implementation details. We will identify challenges that need to be addressed, the opportunities to strengthen Play Box practices and their potential to support children’s development and well-being.


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