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Evaluation of the development impact of British International Investment’s infrastructure portfolio

In developing and emerging markets, investments in infrastructure, such as renewable energy, roads, ports and telecoms, can achieve significant positive outcomes for people, the economy and the planet. In this evaluation, Itad will assess British International Investment’s infrastructure portfolio, review the global evidence base and undertake primary research in how British International Investment’s investments contribute to development.


Many DFIs (Development Finance Institutions), like British International Investment, invest in infrastructure projects with the aim of improving living standards, economic growth and environmental sustainability. The ways in which such infrastructure investments lead to positive outcomes are complex and vary greatly according to infrastructure sub-sectors. This makes it challenging for DFIs, and other infrastructure investors, to make investment decisions with confidence in the expected impact of the deal.


This evaluation aims to contribute to British International Investment’s understanding of its contribution to development through job creation, carbon emissions and other effects.

Over the course of three years, we will review British International Investment’s existing data on the impact of their current infrastructure portfolio and gather and review globally existing evidence on how impact is created from infrastructure projects.


The findings of these two reviews will subsequently be mapped against a framework of how impact is expected to be generated to assess where the evidence gaps are. The evaluation team will also conduct a series of in-depth studies to generate new evidence from specific British International Investment infrastructure investments to complement existing evidence.


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Image credit: istock/LuisPortugal