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Assessment of Co-op/One Foundation WASH projects

Itad were asked by Co-op to undertake an independent social impact assessment of Co-op’s partnership with The One Foundation, a UK-based charitable foundation which supports projects providing communities with access to clean water in sub-Saharan Africa. Specifically, we were asked to look at projects providing water and sanitation to communities in Southern Malawi, exploring the impacts of the project on individuals and the wider community.


Co-op has a long-standing partnership with the One Foundation: for every litre of Co-op own-brand bottled water sold, 3p funds projects providing access to improved water and sanitation in Africa. Co-op already reports to its members and the public on this partnership projects through its annual ‘Co-op Way Report’. To date, this reporting has provided details of the funding provided along with basic output statements – the number of boreholes drilled and people supported – but Co-op wanted to develop a better understanding of the results of this investment and improve how this is communicated to Co-op members and the public.

Our approach

To deliver this Itad reviewed existing monitoring data and worked with Kadale Consulting to undertake fieldwork in Thyolo and Mulanje districts in Malawi to understand how the Co-op funded projects have impacted on the communities and individuals who benefit from them. We explored whether project outcomes continue to be realised; whether the projects are likely to be sustainable; and the wider impacts of providing improved water and sanitation.

Itad also provided advice on how best to capture information to allow improved reporting on outcomes and impact in future projects.

The results of this assessment have been published in the Co-op Way Report 2017.

Read our final report.


Image © Matchuwana 1, Mulanje District, Malawi. Photo Credit: Ben Harris


Team members
Ben Harris Tim Ruffer