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Evaluating CIF’s contribution to transformational change – new report launched

Itad’s Sam McPherson will be at ‘The Power of 10: Shaping the Future of Climate Action’ in Ouarzazate, Morocco, on 28th and 29th January. Sam will be with other members of the evaluation team, including Matthew Savage, the technical lead.

Organised by the Climate Investment Funds (CIF) as part of their celebration of 10 years of climate action, the event …

Handbook on Measuring Equity in Education

Our Education Lead, Rachel Outhred, has co-authored a chapter in the UNESCO Institute of Statistic’s recent handbook on measuring equity in education.

The handbook shows how countries can measure the education progress of the most marginalized populations to ensure no one is left behind. Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG 4) calls for inclusive and equitable …