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Join us at gLOCAL 2024!

Unlocking transformation: join us for an interactive workshop (3 June) and panel discussion (4 June)

Workshop: unlocking transformation

Join us for a collaborative workshop on monitoring, evaluation and learning in community engagement initiatives. 

3rd June, 14:00 BST
1 hour 15 minutes remote session, via Microsoft Teams

Community engagement (CE) stands as a potent catalyst for societal transformation within the realm of development projects.

This workshop aims to provide workshop participants with a platform to collectively cultivate knowledge and exchange experiences in implementing MEL frameworks within CE interventions.


  1. Deepen understanding of how evaluation can enhance stakeholders’ comprehension of processes driving transformational change in interventions that have a CE component or focus, and with integrating CE into MEL.
  2. Cultivate a shared understanding and effective practices in this domain by uniting commissioners, implementers, community representatives, and MEL practitioners.
  3. Stimulate reflection on the conceptual and methodological frameworks essential for achieving these objectives, ensuring relevance for both communities and organisations commissioning evaluations.
  4. Explore intersections with issues related to social justice, empowerment, and gender equality, with the overarching goal of fostering sustained and meaningful transformational change.

Itad will publish and promote a summary of insights gleaned from the session on its website and social media platforms.


The session will be held remotely in the afternoon GMT to facilitate global participation.

The session will use Miro boards to facilitate interactive group activities. Participants unable to access the platform due to connectivity or disability issues will have alternative avenues to contribute. Any special requirements should be communicated to beforehand.

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Panel discussion: Applying Theory-Based Methods to Assess Transformational Outcomes in Capacity Building and Advocacy

Date: 4 June 2024, 2pm BST
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes remote session, via Microsoft Teams
Organized by:Evaluation Division at Global Affairs Canada

Assessing the outcomes of, and establishing causation for, capacity building and advocacy efforts is challenging. The nature of behaviour change and policy change targeted by such interventions is hard to define and measure.

In partnership with Global Affairs Canada’s evaluation team, we are sharing experiences and tips for evaluating capacity building and advocacy interventions.

The panel will discuss two theory-based approaches to assess capacity building and advocacy, including Itad’s framework to assess advocacy and influence which has recently been applied by the Global Affairs Canada evaluation team.

The panel will reflect on the value of these approaches in assessing behavioural, organizational and system-level outcomes, and will share lessons learned in the implementation process.

A Q&A session will follow.

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