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Gender and social inclusion

The empowerment of women and girls in all aspects of life, with the engagement of men and boys, is vital to ensure safe, productive and fair societies. Gender-based violence, harmful traditional practices and entrenched social norms mean women and girls are disproportionately affected by the challenges faced by vulnerable communities and workers.

Persistent inequalities in access to opportunities and fair outcomes for women, girls and other marginalised groups undermines both their wellbeing and their contributions to economic and social progress at all levels of society. Our work addresses a cross-section of global gender inequality and inclusion challenges, and spans all of our topics, from women’s economic empowerment to addressing violence against women in families, workplaces and communities.

We design gender-sensitive and inclusive monitoring systems which include scope for understanding value for money and cost-effectiveness and work to implement monitoring and evaluation approaches that unpack discriminatory social and gender norms.