Itad at the DCED-BEAM seminar

Itad’s Mollie Liesner, James Robinson and Edward Hedley will be joining policy makers, funders and practitioners to discuss results measurement and market systems development at an upcoming DCED-BEAM seminar in Nairobi.

Drawing on their work from across our Private Sector Development, Markets and Trade theme, they will be presenting in four sessions:

Mollie …

Causality and attribution in market systems development

A new paper aims to shed light on the current theoretical/academic and practitioner understanding of attribution and causality.

Attribution is the establishment of a causal link between (parts of) an observed change and a specific intervention. It is something that we all have to measure as part of monitoring and results measurement (MRM) and evaluation activities …

New BEAM Exchange platform

As part of our work with the BEAM Exchange, we have launched a new platform for practitioners to share and read stories of challenges to monitoring and results measurement on programmes applying a market systems development approach.

The platform provides a space for programme-to programme learning, to support the community by sharing stories of the challenges …

Let’s get practical: how to overcome monitoring challenges

Contribute to learning and innovation in the wider market systems community by sharing your practical stories on measuring market system changes.

How are we going to get better at monitoring and results measurement (MRM) on market systems development (MSD) programmes?

One thing is for sure, a lot of people in the market systems development community are trying …

Itad at SEEP2016

This week, Itad’s Charley Clarke will be at The SEEP Network’s annual conference in Arlington, Virginia, participating in two sessions as part of the ‘Getting and Using the Right Kinds of Evidence’ technical track.

At 11am (UTC) on Tuesday, Charley will be part of a discussion on ‘understanding Systemic Change in Market Systems’, exploring lessons and …

BEAM citizens, bring out your evidence!

As many of you may have seen on the BEAM Exchange webpage, newsletter, and LinkedIn, BEAM is appealing to you, the BEAM community, for your evidence on market systems development projects. We want you to know the reasons why this search for evidence is so important:

We want to build on our existing learning culture

You only have to look at the healthy …

A Ridiculously Short Introduction to Monitoring & Evaluation for Women’s Economic Empowerment in Market Systems Development*

So you want to measure and/or evaluate a programme with Women’s Economic Empowerment? The programme is using a market systems approach? Don’t know where to start? I was equally curious. Luckily, a number of very smart and experienced people have written and spoken on the subject. Below are some of the key points that stuck with me while I’ve been reading up on this …

Tim Ruffer on BEAM Exchange Webinar

Itad’s Tim Ruffer will be contributing to a BEAM Exchange webinar on how market systems programmes are attributing change to their interventions. The webinar will take place on 12 March 2015, 10-11am GMT.

Tim will be giving a conceptual introduction to a 3-step framework  to measuring and attributing change in market systems. He will be joined by consultants …