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The process of monitoring is an important element of project or programme management. Monitoring helps generate routine information needed to understand whether an intervention is on track and what adjustments may be required.

We have world-leading monitoring experience. Our expertise can help our partners in a variety of ways, from analysing existing systems and making recommendations for improvement, or establishing monitoring systems for multi-million, multi-year development programmes.

Our monitoring service offer includes the development of results frameworks and associated indicators, monitoring strategies, systems and plans, associated data collection and advice on related organisational change processes.

We are adept at tailoring this expertise to the specific needs of our partners, whether for grant management, adaptive programming, results-based management or project-specific solutions.

  • Metrics and indicators

    We know that measuring the right things is fundamental to helping our partners understand the effectiveness of their work. Whether it be tracking organisational change outcomes, assessing cost-effectiveness or identifying changes in the political environment, we have a proven track record of developing the right indicators for our partners.

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  • Monitoring systems

    We are adept at establishing monitoring systems that enable clients to generate evidence and learning in support of decision making. Our utilisation-focused approach leads to solutions that are fit for purpose and add real value, whether it be for project, programme, portfolio or at an organisational level.

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  • Results frameworks

    An important aspect of our work is helping partners develop results frameworks that clearly articulate their ambition and what success looks like. In conjunction with our expertise with theories of change, we help partners identify the results they want to achieve and the optimum ways of measuring these changes.

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  • Third party monitoring

    Our independent monitoring and verification services help give our partners confidence that reported results are reliable, ensuring that programmes are achieving the expected outcomes and delivering for end users. Our systems-based approach to data quality helps build stronger partner and in-country monitoring systems and reduces duplicative and extractive third-party data collection.

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