Addressing Violence Against Women and Girls Through Sport

2015-2017; Kenya; DFID

Violence against women and girls is a global phenomenon, widely recognised as one of the most enduring abuses of human rights worldwide, affecting an estimated one third of women during their lifetime and throughout their life cycle.

The Addressing Violence Against Women and Girls Through Sport programme is being implemented by the British Council in association with the Premier League and Itad.  The programme works with young people aged 10-20 and their wider communities in two regions of Kenya.  It uses inclusive community football coaching with young people as a means to address negative gender stereotypes and attitudes towards violence, challenge harmful relationship dynamics between men and women, and ultimately change behaviour and reduce the incidence of violence. The programme also aims to build an evidence base for the effectiveness of preventing VAWG through sport, in order to inform policy and practice around violence against women and girls and using sport for development.

Itad is designing the programme monitoring framework and supporting its implementation, and is also conducting an independent impact evaluation of the programme.  The evaluation follows a theory-based design, involving baseline and endline surveys and qualitative data collection with young people, coaches and wider community members, in order to assess the impact of the project but also how and why project activities do or do not lead to change.  Monitoring and evaluation data will be fed back into the project to refine and improve delivery on an ongoing basis, and provide evidence to inform scale up or replication of similar projects in Kenya and beyond.

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