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Evaluation Management Unit for West Africa Food Markets Pilot Programme

Itad is providing the Evaluation Management Unit to assess the West Africa Food Markets Programme's relevance, efficiency, sustainability and impact.


The West Africa Food Markets (WAFM) Programme aims to take a key role in tackling the causes of the multiple market failures that exist in staple food markets in West Africa and thereby increase income and food security for producers and consumers, both women and men.

WAFM will do this by identifying opportunities to invest in private sector-led market development initiatives across the region, provide support to facilitate the success of these initiatives and leverage successful innovations to reform policy and encourage further development though replication.

Our role

Itad is providing the Evaluation Management Unit (EMU) to assess, on a longitudinal basis, WAFM’s relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability and impact. A key aspect of the evaluation is that it will contribute to a learning process to improve the delivery of the programme and the effects it achieves.

The evaluation design

Itad’s evaluation design has been tailored to take account of the unique facets of WAFM and the challenges of undertaking rigorous longitudinal evaluation for market development programmes, based on lessons from Itad evaluations of market development programmes.


Image © Ghana, Krokrobeach in Kokrobite Photo Credit: Goran Hoglund (CC BY-ND 2.0)