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Strengthening Research and Knowledge Systems (SRKS) Evaluation

The Strengthening Research and Knowledge Systems (SRKS), was a five-year (2013-2018) programme which aimed to increase sustainable access and production of research literature in low-income countries. Itad delivered a utilisation-focused evaluation to provide high quality and accessible materials on key lessons and insights for the funding partners, DFID, SIDA and INASP.


The SRKS programme supported individual, institutional, inter-personal and environmental capacity strengthening for a wide range of stakeholders within Africa, Asia and Latin America.  


The primary purpose of our evaluation was in-depth learning about the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and prospective impacts of the SRKS programme. We observed changes as well as noting the barriers to further change and ensured the evaluation provided accountability for DFID and SIDA’s investment.  

Our approach

Our evaluation was implemented in a way that fostered a strong sense of engagement and ownership of the process and outputs among DFID, SIDA and INASP, as the primary intended users of the evaluation. In addition, the evaluation was underpinned by a clear learning and communication plan that ensured the results reached as wide a set of stakeholders as possible.  

Using the evaluation questions and criteria as an overall framework, we compared and synthesised data from desk-based country reviews, in-country case studies and a programme-wide analysis that delivered against the project objectives for DFID, SIDA and INASP to take forward. 


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